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How to Get Involved with the Largest BIOS Modding Community on the Internet

BIOS-Mods has grown over the last ten years to be the largest BIOS Update and Modification Resource on the internet. Started in 2001, it has grown to be the largest site for taking requests and completing motherboard BIOS modifications through our forums, live chat interface, and digital resources. After changing administration in 2009, the growth in community support in our forums has been overwhelmingly positive. During this month, (December 2011), our traffic levels exceeded the bandwidth available on our current servers, and we purchased dedicated servers so that our community could continue to grow without limitation.

We invite our community users to take an active part in our forums. As we continue to add new experienced moderators, writers, and contributors to our team, we would like to extend an invitation to our members to get involved in serving over 100,000 visitors a month and counting. Below are some ways in which you can help contribute to our community.

  • Become a moderator – We actively recruit new moderators who can moderate our forums and contribute to our daily BIOS modification requests. Even if you have no experience in modifying BIOS images, our current staff and moderators will help ensure you get the resources and training you need to contribute.
  • Join our writing staff - If you are a talented writer and are a computer enthusiast of any kind, we welcome new writers to contribute user reviews of new hardware, software, and other technology news. If you aren’t interested in writing articles, perhaps you may enjoy writing tutorials in our forums.