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Full Version: HP Compaq 6710b F.20 BIOS mod with SLIC2.1 table?
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Hi all,
I've read that the BIOS (F.20) of my HP Compaq 6710b can't be modified with a slic 2.1 table. Now it contains a slic 2.0 table for activating/registring Windows Vista. My notebook came with a F.20 bios version and no Vista (hdd was wiped), due to the fact that this was a lease business notebook.
What i would like is Windows 7 on it with a BIOS containing a slic 2.1 table. Is this possible or not?
I've already tried everything to revert the notebook to a pervious version, but as the documentation of HP says, that's impossible.
This whole situation of flashing (with almost every tool i could get my hands on and belive me they where a lot), still no success.
A couple of days ago i've dismantled my notebook to find the actual BIOS chip itself and solder it off the mainboard for reading in a spi programmer. Ordered off eBay a suitable programmer, still not here (China -> Netherlands is a long way it seems), so i can't read the actual chip.
I've tried some confirmation on other boards, also with little response, thus trying it here.
The eeprom chip is in my case a 25VF080B (SST/Microchip), 8 Mbit serial SPI Flash.
(Note: there are the same HP Compaq notebooks around with other maufacturer BIOS- chips, such as the 26DF081A-SU (Atmel) and 25X80VSIG (Winbond). They seem interchangeable.) I think the position of the chip on the notebook mainboard is just beside the pcmcia- connector and has the designator U23. Can anyone confirm this?

I kindly ask; does anyone have a slic 2.1 table (or tables?) for my notebook and if i have the rom contents where do i write the down (offset/position), is there only 1 table ore are there 2 tables? I really don't know...

The F.20 BIOS file is at Hewlett Packard at:

Softpack number: sp55553.exe
Any information is welcomed and i thank you in advance.
Kind regards.
P.S. I've attached the Rw info.