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[Request] Vaio VGN-z11wn - rvg - 06-15-2012 04:55 AM

Hi after a loot of research i haven't been able to finde any modded bios for this device. As far as I can tell it shut be some hidden menu to change the graphics to stable as it can be done with a switch from ubuntu, also this chipset supports AHCI/IDE/RAID so it have to be there.

I'm not a noob, but not as experimented to deal with a BIOS mod, I offer my computer for the testing if any one want to give it a try.

The reason i want a bios mod is that windows 7 dosen't fit well in this computer, also with Xp and some Linux, only vista, and helpfully with a bios mod may be possible to run native OSX.

If no one is willing to do it pleas guys point me on the rigth direcction with some "how to" and i will try my best on my own.

Thanks a lot!

Edit: Orignal BIOS Here

RE: [Request] Vaio VGN-z11wn - rvg - 06-21-2012 02:51 PM

Anyone can bring some light to it.

Thanks again

RE: [Request] Vaio VGN-z11wn - rvg - 09-13-2012 12:18 PM

I Have come back after a few months. I really need some help, i don't want you to do the work for me, can any one point me out. I don't know how to extract files from EFI ROM or even if they can be modify to do what I want to do, bypass the graphics button switch so it can only be changed from bios.

Besides that my real goal is to install any OS X, as you might know is not possible to get full graphics with this laptop on the internal screen, if anyone knows good info about DSDT edits and internal connection between graphics processor and display on Nvidia Hibrid system i would be very grateful.