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Acer Aspire 3680 v3508 Unlocked Advanced Options
Hey Everyone

Heres a mega-mod for the Acer Aspire 3680. This wonderful machine has already been tested and you can replace the ancient slow Celeron M with a 800mhz FSB or 1066mhz Core 2 Duo!!! :O

Figuring that most people never use IR Port / Serial Port / Parallel Ports anymore , i unlocked a few more useful options and replaced the advanced page.

Check out the comparison below. Original bios on the left , this modded on on the right.

[Image: Acer%203680%20v3508%20Unlocked%20Advanced.png]

No guessing which ones more useful hey?

Try this at your own risk


Hello 1234s282!! Thank you very much for this mod. I tried this mod and luckily I had no errors, but I could not find advanced options. The bios menu remains as before, I can not see any change.
In these days I will upgrade my cpu, now I have T5200 and I want to install a T7200, but I wish also increase ram, this mod wil allow me to upgrade to 4Gb? or I will remain stuck in 2GB?
I found out there a modified version 1.3588, if you know this versión, could you tell me please the difference with this one.
Just one more question please: I have installed an internal bluetooth module, and apparently I have issues with the front switch, because sometimes it does not turn on. There is a chance to turn it on through bios menu? Does not bother me much that it is always on (or off).
Thank you very much in advance,

I havent heard of or cannot find any reference to the 1.3588 bios you mention.

If your Advanced menu looks exactly the same , i dont think the mod took correctly - try again!

the 2gb max ram is a chipset limitation therefore cannot be solved with a bios update = hardware issue Sad


Hello: Thank you very much for your response. Actually, I've never had advaced settings menu. I will test it again and I'll post the results here. Thank you again

I've flashed again my bios and nothing happens, there is no advanced menu at all. I think I'm doing something wrong. Could you give me some suggestion please, perhaps some step that I have missing?

Thank you
Hi Everyone,

The Advanced section is not visible because a routine in the BIOS. I has bypassed the routine with this new modified BIOS image for Acer Aspire 3680. This new modified BIOS image is based on the modified BIOS image at post #1. As usual - Use at your own risk!
Acer Aspire 3680 v3508 Unlocked By 1234s282 FIXED.rar
(MD5: 9072E22D6D8042B981143577210C9DDC)

Compatible models:-
Quote:Aspire 3680/5570/5570z/5580
TravelMate 2480/3260/3270
Extensa 4210/4610

I found these options caused BIOS Setup Menu screen to freezed; "IGD - Device 2" & "IGD - Device 2, Function 1". So, I has removed them.

Be careful with "Frequency Ratio". It can caused notebook unbootable, even with unlocked CPU (unlocked multiplier). If your notebook unbootable after changing this option, you'll need to reset CMOS (by disconnecting the CMOS/RTC battery - you'll need to disassemble your notebook to access it). My advice, DO NOT change the "Frequency Ratio" value.

[Image: Aspire3680BIOSV13508SLIC21BIOS_MENUMOD.jpg]
[Image: 21052011323.jpg]
[Image: 21052011325.jpg]
[Image: 21052011326.jpg]
[Image: 21052011328.jpg]

If you use my modified BIOS image & you like it, please consider making a donation. Thank you very much. Smile
Donate Here
This is step-by-step BIOS recovery for Acer Aspire 3680
Acer Aspire 3680 BIOS v3508 Recovery.rar
  1. Create Crisis Disk using WINCRIS.EXE (need a floppy disk with USB floppy drive). Create it in Windows XP (32-bit OS).
  2. The "BIOS.WPH" in the package is BIOS V1.3508 for Acer Aspire 3680.
  3. Make sure the battery is disconnected from the laptop and the power cord is connected to the laptop. Laptop must be in power-off state.
  4. Hold the Fn+Esc keys and then press the power button (without releasing the Fn+Esc keys).
  5. The USB floppy drive indicator will flash as it reads the BIOS file from the disk. You can release the Fn+Esc keys when you see it.
  6. While in the recovery process, display will always blank.
  7. Recovery process will take a while (more than one minute). Please be patient. Laptop will automatically restart when recovery process succeeded. Laptop should boot normally afterward.

Good luck.

! kizwan !

If you use my modified BIOS image & you like it, please consider making a donation. Thank you very much. Smile
Donate Here
Queston :

i have latsest original Bios .. and t5200 not working ..

With this custom rom will t5200 work ?
It works well on Acer Aspire 5583.
Could I request to add unhide AHCI in advance menu?

Today I put T7600G into Aspire 3680!! with modded-bios by Legendary creators of this site!! In bios advanced menu frequency ratio option appeared. As I increased multipliers to 16 or 17 and saved and restarted the system it kept automatically restarting on it's own and didn't boot up. 

The same happened in windows if I exceeded number 16 with throttlestop.  So I found in the internet how much voltage I could increase. It is said that max is 1.5.

Now everything is fine with 17x and 1.3000v( win 7 test from 5.9 increased to 6.3), I get 2.83 GHz. It seems 18x and 1.3500 is also good, but it fails windows 7 test and as I tried to sisandra, though it did well with 3d mark 2000... and without crashing in all other daily tasks with 2.993 GHz. 

Now my question is, is it possible for you guys to add voltage control in that bios as addon to frequency ratio option? Or maybe there are some other ways in this bios or mechanically how I can help this? What do you think? At the moment I also use 2GB+1 GB RAM( 2 GB coming from ebay soon), but could it be an issue?

Thank You for any comments and help!

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