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Dell Optiplex 740 SLIC2.1 Request
I screwed up and bought a bunch of memory for this before checking the license, and I cannot find anything above the OEM 2.0 SLIC, here or here 10/18/2011 2.2.7
Here is my ACPI table dump It would be much help to me if someone could mod the latest bios for me please.
Hey. I am exacly in the same situation!

I need to reInstall windows ultimate, Slic DUMP Tool say Slic 2.0 but I found no way to legal use my slic 2.0 licence further.

Now I just load daz and make my new system valid. Bios is still the original slic 2.0 one.
Can anybody explain how to re-Enable a Dell Slic 2.0 Windows Ultimate.

I change from W7 Ultimate 32bit to 64 bit, but should make no difference in licensing, or?

GReetings by ZwergWurst

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