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[HELP] Problem on the virtualisation Acer e5-523g
I am requesting your help. I have an Acer e5-523g, and  I have applied the method with h2ouve mentioned in this forum to activate the amd-v feature, and it worked. But everytime on two, when the system was shutting down, whether intentionally or low battery, the virtualization was going back to deactivate. And I always repeated the same process. Until one day: when I enter in the cmd, everytime I tap “h2ouve -gv vars.txt” or “h2ouve -sv vars_mod.txt” it shows sth like:
Now parsing Variable Information...
LoadDeviceDriver fail,
GetLastError=0x2 Failed to get bios data!
Fail to get Variable Information
My problem is that I don’t really know what LoadDriverDevice means, and how to make it work
[Image: image.png.da82b661d12532da0e39e573f8657e02.png]
This computer refuses the reinitialization of the system and the repair processus is never fully completed, whether it is with an Usb key or using the computer features. reinitializing the bios settings didn't help.
Is there any driver related to the bios?

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