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Pegatron IPISB-CH & GTX 960
(05-03-2020, 11:55 AM)dealth Wrote: Hi,

Thanks for your quick reply! I was able to sort it out yesterday by unlocking the menus using this guide : MDL Unlock Menus (follow everything except that you need to extract the body of the "freeform" and NOT the compressed section, to give to IRFExtractor)

I read the whole chip using my CH341A programmer, then modded the bios using UEFITool, big thanks to its authors, then flashed it back (erase chip + blank check before writing).

Then I went to the menus and set PCI ROM Priority to Legacy ROM, just as you said with AMIbcp. There is indeed no other option such as "disabled unless uefi" required for the Graphics Card to work.

When you boot, right before the POST screen there is the "legacy oprom" of the GTX 1060 that initializes, and somehow makes it work.

Thanks for the file, it could help people to maybe flash it using afudos, to keep their serials,..   Smile

I hope it will help other people with the same motherboard (IPISB-CH2), to extend the lifespan of their PCs..

Hi, excuse me, I have the same problem with the motherboard PEGATRON CORPORATION - 2AB6 and bios legacy, could you please send me your modded version of the bios and the right tool to upload it in my pc ?

My e-mail address is: 74lobster(AT)

I´ve got the same problem as you (The MB and BIOS versions are the same) and I would like to fix it but i dont understand BIOS at all... Would it be able to get the you moded bios and flash it without having to do the things before?
If it was possible will you please send it, on my email adress is:
Thanks a lot and have a great day.
Somebody Help Me,
I have an AMI 2AB5 bios whose pci rom priority menu is hidden.
I have backed up my bios rom.
but I am confused to edit the UEFITOOL where it should be extracted and edited.
can you help me with a tutorial?
I really need it to install VGA RX470. because I had very little funds, I could not replace the motherboard.

My Email:
I have a motherboard Pegatron 2AB5 (also called "IPISB-CH2") and i had the same problem with my new Video Card GT610

my problem was solved when i used a modified BIOS found on this link:
Hi I have Pegatron 2AB5, I have Legacy ROM in PCI ROM ROM Priority by default. Should RX 6600 work just fine then?

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