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RAID for Dell Optiplex 780
I have a Optiplex 780 running for 2 years now with a Xeon X3363 CPU, and using the Bios from cerverappz.
I was just running out of space and decided to upgrade the HDD's to 2x 3TB drives and have them setup in RAID.
Drives are detected by bios and windows, problem is that the intergrated Intel Raid doesnt support such large drives.
The Intel Option ROM is version, and needs to swapped out by version
Found the ROM file for this on another board (attached). So far so good.

Problem is that when I open the file "O780-A15 E0 1067A-771.exe" in PhoenixTool 2.73 it gives an error and reboots my PC.
This happens as well when I try the command "O780-A15 E0 1067A-771.exe /writeromfile".

It should be a relatively easy task to complete, but with the error and restart happening, I am unable to complete it.

Any one able to help, or have any ideas?

Attached Files
.rom   20_21.ROM (Size: 119 KB / Downloads: 2)
I did try updating the original BIOS file with the new 20_21.ROM using PhoenixTool.
This works great.
But then I have the problem that the Microcodes for the CPU are not included. I tried looking to see how to do this, but I cant find any real info for the DELL bios.
If anyone can point me in the right direction of a how-to, that would work for me as well.
You can use my mod as the base.
(12-18-2020, 05:21 PM)DeathBringer Wrote: You can use my mod as the base.

Thank you very much!
Unfortunately when using Phoenix Tool I get the message "HDR Checksum not correct".
If I understand correctly this is because the HDR has already been edited (no longer original).

Or is there a way to go around this?

I did manage to  update the original BIOS file by replacing the option rom. I attachd it below.
But his in turn mans that the Microcodes are not included.
Is it possible to add these microcodes to my file?

Attached Files
.zip   O780-A15_RAID (Size: 2.23 MB / Downloads: 2)
I don't modify another's mods.
Hello DeathBringer,

Thanks again for your quick reply.
Would it be possible for you to maybe intergrate the 20_21.ROM (see my first post), and the CPU codes into a single BIOS version?
Read my profile.
I make CPU support mods only.
Hi~diggle !

Try this mod and response the result.

My page>>>click
My bios unlock >>> click
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