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[REQUEST] Acer Nitro 5 AN515-43
Hey there,

I AM willing to do it myself but more because I want to learn something new and I also kinda like to have a challenge
I have to start somewhere and I need someone professional as assistance :/

So far;
Acer Nitro 5 AN515-43-R0FC (R0FC is just a variation w/ 2x4GB DDR4 and 512GB M.2)
Bios Ver.: 1.08 (InsydeH20 ?)
Unlock: Everything possible :D

I also own a CH341 programmer incl. clamp (duh) which works fine, I can create a dump (if I find the bios chip... was on Asus easier)
I also know setup_var which I tested out and it found something to use but I'm not sure, I'll post everything I get so far...

I also tried to find any information about bios modding and setup_var and more by myself but these infos seems to be scattered around (or Google Search isn't configured properly for me  :P )

For some models I saw that there is a setup_var for changing the access levels (Link)
But I don't want to brick anything until I have a bios dump! (I'll try to get it this weekend)
I also would guess that they don't work since I have everything AMD and not Intel/Nvidia...
But I'm curious where they get all these variables :/

I hope someone can help me out and have a nice day :)

- Anti

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