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[REQUEST] Bios Unlock Gigabyte AERO 16 XE4
Hi Can I get help unlocking my BIOS for my Gigabyte AERO 16 XE4?

This one might be a little harder than the AERO 15 KD. It's 12th gen Intel and uses ME16.0 and has Measured/Verified Boot enabled.

I believe my VAR strings for BIOS_LOCK and FPRR are at:
Bios Lock: 0x1C
FPRR: 0x73D


Attached is my dumped BIOS via FPTW.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 5.19 MB / Downloads: 1)
Here's my MEInfo dump:

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

1.So ,are there any effects for bios modification if the measured boot was enable ? Could you explain it clearly ?

2. You could do a simple test of flash bios. Edit bios via AMIBCP then test if it can be re-flash.

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I haven't gotten that far. Are my BIOS lock and FPRR the right addresses?

From this thread:

Quote:If you want to edit BIOS, you edit your FPT or programmer dump. But, do keep in mind what I said above, boot guard is probably enabled on your system too, so anything you edit in a yellow/cyan/red region will = brick (open file with UEFITool 51-57 NE Alpha to see these Boot Guard covered colored areas I mention)
This means you CANNOT edit this BIOS with AMIBCP, at all, anything you want to do in there is covered by Boot Guard and will = brick.

I'm willing to try to brick my system because it's in the return period to see if this can be done. I've already set those two addresses to 0x0 and it doesn't let me flash the BIOS backup via FPTW.

I'm also worried that Intel BIOS Guard is enabled and if I blow the firmware software fuses, it will mess up the notebook. So might as well do it during the return period.

Any advice would be great.
1. What does "firmware software fuses" mean?? If it's a Dell machine and Bios Guard enable ,100% will be bricked if flash a modified bios. But i can't sure if other manufacturer are the same. On my experience ,ASUS 10th gen laptops were enabled Bios Guard as well ,but it will not brick even if we flash a modified bios ,it only trigger the Bitlocker

2. No any suggestions ,do or not by yourself as this is your laptop.

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