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[Recovery HOPE]HP Touchsmart TM2 2010eg unlock hidden menus
(09-27-2011, 05:02 PM)derdigga0101 Wrote: I have warranty camiloml if i remove the CMOS battery can i lost them?
And the HD i have already tried :/, but i will try it tomorrow

PS: i found the CMOS battery:

[Image: cr2016-wr.gif]

i think HP will don't notice itBig Grin

I have now removed the HDD and the CMOS Battery for half minute and tryed but nothing.


1.Removed CMOS
2.Removed HDD
3. Installed the this both: [Image: findem.jpg]
4. Put the Original Bios from HP into "Current"
5.Renamed from "01486.fd" to "01486.bin", and tried with the one from tabletpcreview--> BIOS from
6. Put the Stick out and put it in the TM2
7.Pressed Win+B, and powered it on.
8.Wait 20~30 Seconds nothing.... only the Caps look LED blink no HDD because its removed.
9.Put Power cable out, because the fan is running on minimum, so the TM2 is running very fast HOT.

Please have you more ideas camiloml?Confused

[Image: narutoguyskopiexz1.jpg]
[Image: sysp-83373.png]

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RE: [Recovery HOPE]HP Touchsmart TM2 2010eg unlock hidden menus - by derdigga0101 - 09-28-2011, 10:40 AM

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