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[Reqest] HP ENVY 15-bq100 x360 Bios Unlock
If possible unlock option like turn off fan fault warning * I using not supported fan and every time on start I getting cpu fan fault.

Any other options will be nice like TDP control or Memory / GFX clock settings for OC Smile

Currently using F.17 Bios version

HP link to Bios
I used AMIBCP to change in bios bin advanced menu from default to User

Now I have different issue AFU giving me block size error on start up I try aptio 4 and 5 any different programs for flashing ?

On my desktop Aptio V works fine but not on laptop.

I try attempt DOS and Flashrom but on Laptop cannot boot to DOS this same pendrive works fine on AM4 desktop.

I try Force Recovery with modded bios on USB also not working.

Edit :Cpu fan fault Issue solved error caused by bad connection on sense wire *(tachometer)

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