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[Request] Dell Optiplex 790 SFF Unlock features, if possible
Hi, guys! Sorry for my bad english.

My name is Alexander. A month and a half fighting with the BIOS. I need to access the BIOS settings. Hackintosh. I want to do without the patch MSR. The IFR saw the item on / off MSR lock. And also change the graphics settings. Please help me. He failed 5 times already addressed in SC for flashing on the programmer after the experiments. Both NVRAM changed, and AMIBCP, and the SetupPrep module. In the IFR dump everything changes. After the firmware does not pass POST. Apparently sitting somewhere a Checksum validation. In one word-I in despair. Would be finances, I'd buy another PC. But, I live in DPR, Ukraine or Russia - it is unclear. Financial position have us the sad(. So option one is to defeat Dell. Thank you in advance for your attention and time.

Link for BIOS

AMI Utilities not work. AMISCE,Afudos and other. EFI utilities for editing Efi Vars - not work.
Hi all,

I have a Dell Optiplex 790, and have installed a Intel i5-2500k and looking to overclock it, but the feature is locked down by Dell Sad

Would it be possible for any of you Bios geniuses out there to unlock any hidden or locked options from the attached latest A22 bios for my machine please ?

I have also tried Throttlestop and XTU from Intel to no avail

Throttlestop cant increase the multiplier past the stock x37 which is annoying as I know the 2500k is capable of much more.

Thanks in advance, but not holding out much hope, as I believe Dell lock down the Bios protection too Sad

Attached Files
.rar   O790-A22.rar (Size: 5.34 MB / Downloads: 5)

[Image: qgwafl-6.png]
I already have mod BIOS with debug settings enabled, but BIOS wont flash.

I try downloading too off Dell site but can't open .exe as archive.

Any help unlocking the flash operation?
I also am inrested in this, has anyone made a custom bios yet?
you need to remove BIOS chip and flash new BIOS with SPI flash tool, Intel ME locks BIOS down otherwise.

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