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[Request] Help for unlocking my BIOS - ASUS ROG GL553VD
Hello everybody,

I'm new on the board, I own a Asus ROG GL553VD and I already made some simple mods on it like CPU underlvolting and disabling turbo.
Now I want to do more things like disabling HT on my CPU and make PROCHOT @90° C instead of 85° C because I've got some throttling.
I tried the method from the forum with AMIBCP and AFUWIN but when I try to flash the modded BIOS it says that it fails, i don't know why...
Files are the exact same size, perhaps did I forgot something ? Or is this method not possible on my laptop ? Thanks for any help to me.
It says you can't because the bios is protected. I know how to unprotected it but all guides are for AMITSE (text mode bios). Our notebooks have a graphical user interface which is a different application, so mod ding with amibcp works (because isnide there is also the text version) but is useless. Unless someone finds a way to run the text version and not the gui.

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