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Full Version: HP Asus Leonite 2 p5lp-le and E6550?
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Hello i have a HP with Asus Leonite 2 p5lp-le motherboard and would like to run Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 on it if that is posible.
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I manage to update the bios in windows 7 and made a backup of my recent bios but still ned to know if i can modify the source to take the E6550 Processor

The above is from original flash tool and this is from bios bakup toolkit
can someone please mod sr5013wm bios to run a core 2 duo e6850 they can run Core 2 Duo E6x00 the bios link is can someone place the microcode of the core 2 duo e6850 in the bios please and thank you
E6850 have cpuid 6FB or 6F9 and your bios already have microcode for both.
what about modding the fsb the Bus speed and out put to 1333 MHz and its VID Voltage Range 0.8500V-1.5V