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Full Version: Pavilion g7-1117cl with Trinity
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Hello. I am wanting to upgrade from a Llano APU (socket FS1) to a Trinity APU (socket FS1r2). While the sockets are physically compatible, I do need a BIOS mod to use the new architecture.

I am currently running an HP Pavilion g7-1117cl with an AMD A4-3300M APU.
Its latest BIOS (sp57396) can be found here.

I am wanting to upgrade to an AMD A10-4600M.
A newer Pavilion g7 with the needed processor is the Pavilion g7-2051sg.
Its latest BIOS (sp58935) can be found here.
Note: While I do believe that both laptops use the same chipset, I can't find specs to be 100% certain.

[EDIT] I forgot to mention that my laptop uses Insyde BIOS.
Thanks in advance for all of your hard work.

Oh, I don't mean to rush, but if I could get a reply by Tuesday afternoon, that'd just be super.
Thanks :3
Any luck? I, too, A10-4600m, it is necessary to put in place the A8-3510m, a laptop hp pavilion dv6 6b04er, after changing the processor in a laptop screen is not lit and flickers Caps-lock, cooler not work. Returned A8-it works! what up? Sorry for bad english. im russian! Blush