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Full Version: ASus P5LP-LE (HP Lithium): Core 2 Duo microcode support
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Please may I have a BIOS update (3.17 Phoenix) which has Core 2 Duo microcodes in it?

Here's my system statistics:

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Bios Version: rev 3.17 20/04/06
Model name: (HP)
Motherboard: P5LP-LE Lithium
Processor: Pentium D 920 2.8Ghz
SMBIOS Version: 2.4

I really want to use the E4700 or the E6600. C2D is EPIC. My 945p chipset also says that I can have a Core 2 Extreme X6800

Thank you so much if you have a response Big Grin Literally, THANK YOU. If you need more info I'm happy to give more out. I really need a reply though. Thank you.

i think the problem lies with vrms. i think.
Does that mean an electrical speed measurement? Tongue (here is the link for my bios file which I have at the moment.) Shall I also do a Print Screen of CPU-Z?