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Full Version: MSI 890GXM-G65 update for Vishera AM3+
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MSI updated the bios for all of their AM3+ capable boards in October, except for this one, of course. So every other MSI AM3+ capable board can use the latest AMD Vishera cpus. Discussing this with tech support is futile, because apparantly only someone in Taiwan will decide if it gets a bios update, and we can't speak to them.

So I have come to ask if it can be done, or needs to be, before I purchase the Vishera CPU. There is a list of the Vishera CPUs below that I'd really like to work in this motherboard.

My MSI 890GXM-G65 bios version 7642v1D can be found here

Or already SLIC 2.1 mod on this site here

MSI has similar chipset boards with the updated bios support for Vishera, such as this MSI 890FX chipset, which just doesn't have the integrated graphics. That updated bios from Oct 2012 is here

I could only find one other board out there with the exact SAME chipset that supports the new processors. It is an ASrock 890GX Extreme4 R2.0, which claims CPU support for the following new AMD FX CPUs since apparantly Oct 2011 in bios version 1.5 found here

Socket-Family-Model-Power-Core-Frequency-FSB-Cache-L3 Cache-CPU Rev.
AM3+ FX FD8350FRW8KHK 125W Piledriver 4000MHz 2200MHz 2MBx4 8MB C0
AM3+ FX FD8300WMW8KHK 95W Piledriver 3300MHz 2200MHz 2MBx4 8MB C0
AM3+ FX FD6300WMW6KHK 95W Piledriver 3500MHz 2000MHz 2MBx3 8MB C0
AM3+ FX FD4350FRW4KHK 125W Piledriver 4200MHz 2200MHz 2MBx2 8MB C0
AM3+ FX FD4320WMW4MHK 95W Piledriver 4000MHz 2000MHz 2MBx2 4MB C0
AM3+ FX FD4300WMW4MHK 95W Piledriver 3800MHz 2000MHz 2MBx2 4MB C0

Not sure if ASRock is accurate on that, since the processors just came out in Oct 2012, but maybe they got the inside track or it didnt require any special info?

Can it be done? Thank You for any help, I really appreciate it.

I registered over on the MSI forums, and was pointed to a thread and now when I search I see that Vishera will run on the current old BIOS, just as the ECS motherboard works on the old BIOS for Bulldozer Zambezi. Google didn't find that thread though, and even searching before registering I didn't see it. That still begs the question why did MSI produce bios updates for Piledrive Vishera CPUs for all of the other AM3+ motherboards.

So I will test this myself soon, and confirm.