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Full Version: e8500 support for an MS-7301
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Hi, I had a look around to see if I could find an answer to this question, but nothing relevant came up. Could just be I'm not looking up the right keywords though.

According to the specs for my motherboard (Cuba MS-7301, a Packard Bell OEM) it supports CPUs with 533, 800 or 1066 MHz FSB. Now, being an idiot, I went and bought a Core 2 Duo e8500 not realizing it had an FSB of 1333 MHz and that my board didn't support that FSB, and when I switch the machine on, I get no POST, no beeps, no video, just the sound of the fan spinning. Works fine with my old Pentium D 820. Could also be a dead CPU, but I don't have another PC to test it in right now.

What I would like to know is, is the lack of 1333 FSB support a limitation of the chipset itself, or could the BIOS be modded to support it?

Attached is a copy of the BIOS backed up with Universal BIOS Backup Toolkit 2.0. It's an upgraded BIOS I flashed a while back when trying to install another, older C2D, but the chip itself was dead.

The compatibility list is available in the first post of this thread:
I haven't had much luck finding the original page with all the specs because the OEM PC is obsolete and has been removed from Packard Bell's site.
I was wondering about the exact same thing, except it was support for the E6850.
Read somewhere that the latest cpu series this motherboard support is the conroe cpu's.
If it is possible to unlock the bios and somehow make it support cpu's with bus spees of 1333Mhz I would be glad to hear about it!