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Full Version: Phenom support on HP mobo
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I am kind of new to this (I didn't know that bios mods were possible lawl)
Well I had a Sempron on my mcp61pm-hm (iris 8) board then bought a Phenom II X4 965 for it (I googled very quickly before buying it; if AM3 cpus were compatible with AM2 slot boards and every site I saw It said "yes")
Now that I installed it, it's not working, googled for answers and found out that the board isn't compatible with this Phenom processor...
is there any way I can make it work with a bios mod or something...?

Any additional info required?
I might upload my bios rom if necessary
There is a board that is almost the same as mine that is compatibe with Phenom II, it's called mcp61pm-hm (Nettle). If I install a bios update for that board, would mine become compatible with Phenom?