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Full Version: P4EEdition 3.4Ghz, 800fsb, 2mbCache L3 for IBMLenovo M50-8187-F7U
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Greetings and Happy New Years!

My name is Erick and I am in a bit of a pickle.
I am trying to get a CPU to function fully with all its features in my current config.

I am in need of a Microcode update for CPU support for this older system.

Forgive me for this is my first time in asking something like this; and I am not experienced in gathering the right BIOS donor.

This is the latest BIOS for Intel 865G chipset that is on the M50 Line from Lenovo...(I think):

But.. I don't know if that would be the best donor or not; I am not that well experienced in this type of area but hopefully I would be able to learn something from this today.

Another possible donor could be just directly from the
intel site which is located here it has the exact same chipset as mine:

It seems that this particular board for example is covered by that BIOS update link above; here is information that I have found on it:
in the CPU support area it does support the processor I have and it states at intel the following:

This download record provides three options for updating the BIOS of the following Intel® Desktop Board(s): D865GBF, D865GLC, D865GRH, D865GVHZ.

I read an older thread that someone had the same situation were BIOS Error Code 0167" No Processor BIOS UPdate found" was hassling them.

They were able to get someone to add the Microcode into the BIOS donor and get their processor to support in the system.

I don't know how to get the
CPU type, and microcode update revision

But this is the CPU that I have :

Core Stepping: M0
CPUID Full ID: 0F25h
Core: Gallatin
Socket Type: 478

Now I have a friend's computer that I am fixing the Operating system right now and it is a DELL Otiplex with the exact same chipset; it has the latest BIOS update and it's dated in 2006: They included the Microcode for this processor and I popped it into the socket and it booted up: Detected all three Level caches

All the way to the L3 Cache 2MB
But the IBM cannot access the L3 Cache and I think its because the Microcode and CPUID information is not in the latest bios.

I have checked the CPUID program on both PCs the IBM I am trying to upgrade and the Otiplex that I tested; Both have same exact chipsets.

IBM SySTEM specs:

Northbridge Intel i865P/PE/G/i848P rev. A2
Southbridge Intel 82801EB (ICH5) rev. 02

System Manufacturer IBM
System Name 8187F7U
System S/N KCBD8DA
Mainboard Vendor IBM
Mainboard Model IBM
BIOS Version 2AKT51AUS
BIOS Date 07/06/2005

DELL Oltiplex Specs:

Northbridge Intel i865P/PE/G/i848P rev. A2
Southbridge Intel 82801EB (ICH5) rev. 02
System Manufacturer Dell Computer Corporation
System Name OptiPlex GX270
System S/N 597CS51
Mainboard Vendor Dell Computer Corp.
Mainboard Model 0K5786
BIOS Vendor Dell Computer Corporation
BIOS Version A07
BIOS Date 06/26/2006

I hope this is enough information: again this is my first time and I am sorry if I am missing anything: If so please just let me know and I will do what I can on my end to accomplish the BIOS fix.

Eternally grateful to anyone who can help and replies,
After doing a little more research it seems that the best Donor I can think of to extract the Microcode for the supported processor I need is from the intel site.

the Intel® Desktop Board D865GLC Board is the best match as I have checked both the north and south bridge and they are exactly the same chipset and model number. And the closest Revision.

The only thing I am having trouble confirming is the firmware hub..

This is from the intel site:

Intel® 865G Chipset, consisting of:
• Intel® 82865G Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)
• Intel® 82801EB I/O Controller Hub (ICH5)

This is from my PC information

How do I ID the Firmware hub? So it works right?

If anyone can help please let me know, I have done everything else I possibly can; Id do this my self and try to program the HEX code my self but I dont want to risk killing my only BIOS and only board I have for the socket 478.

I dont have a willam chip solder gun to pop them off and fix all this and I dont have Phoenix bios editor software.

Thanks in advance,
the BF86510A.86A.0077.P25.EB.EXE in the previous post will suit well to extract the microcode: But.. I don't know how to do that, does anyone know how to swap the right files or code so I can get my bios to use the ibm files with the new processor microcode inside it and toss her in the bios willam chip (ROM) chip?
I don't understand why no one will help me at all.

I really don't - Can't someone just teach me what to do so I can Force change the BIOS?

I have already posted the Donor bios and the original bios of the motherboard I'm trying to get CPU support for..

am I missing something in requirements to gain an answer?

I have humbly waited months for a response.. :l