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Full Version: HP 6000 pro slic
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I am stuck trying to add a slic table to my HP Desktop PC.

I have a slic table which i got from the same model pc which has a slic table in the bios but my problem is i dont know where to insert the string to modify the bios.

Would appreciate if someone could mod the file or guide me as to what i must do.

System details and files attached below.

Manufacturer: HP
-Bios revision: rev 2.02
-Bios Type: HPQOEM ( atleast i think this is it )
-Bios Download Link:

HPQOEMSLIC-BPC_V2.1.rar = backup of the slic file obtained from the pc with slic table . file obtained using slic toolkit v3.2

Acpitbls.rar = RW everything output

7G2_0202.rar = rom file downloaded from HP website and extracted from dos flash folder.

Would greatly appreciate if someone could help me out with this, as i cant find the slic string in the rom file 7G2_0202.bin when viewed with Hxd ( hex dump editor ).

Please let me know if you need any further information.

Thank you