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Full Version: Need help extracting CPUID's from exisiting Bios
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Hey guys, I have a HP G61 (VM355UA) AMD based laptop using a Insyde Bios. It's motherboard is used in about 20 different laptops all utilizing the same Bios F.15 (363FF15.FD). My laptop is currently running a Semperon Socket S1G3 M100. I know hardware wise it could support all the way up to a Turon II M660. The issue is that I am not sure what microcode the bios has as far as CPUID's go. I have tried numerous different methods to extract them, can someone please help? Just a guy trying to determine what CPU's the bios supports. Smile

Full Bios Setup (sp48895.exe):

Bios File Only (363FF15.fd):