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Full Version: [Request] Asus m2nc51-ar + Athlon 4450b
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Hi Guys

Im currently building a HTPC out of some spare parts I had lying I around. What I have is a Asus m2nc51-ar out of a HP Slim line PC and a Athlon 4450b 2.3ghz 45watt CPU. Unfortunetly they don't work properly together and I get a message after POST say Unsupported CPU detected followed by the PC shutting down. I can bypass this message by pressing f2 at post and manualy selecting my boot drive. The PC starts up and runs just fine. However this is not ideal for a HTPC.

I have found another similar comapq board with a Nvidia 6150 SE chipset (Bios Below)

is it possible to add the CPU microcode to my Bios. My board has a Nvidia 6150 LE chipset. (Bios Below)

I have had a go at it myself with no sucsess. If anyone could help out that would be great.

Thanks Smile