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Full Version: Asus F7SR modding help needed
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I have upgraded my Asus F7SR laptop's CPU from T7250 to T8100.

The following problem has occured: CPU multiplier is fixed at 6 instead of 11.5, so my CPU is constantly working at 1200Mhz instead of 2100Mhz.

I have made some research and realized that i have to upgrade CPU microcodes in BIOS. I have done it using MMTOOL (extracted microcode for 676 CPUID from BIOS of other asus laptop - platform type was the same).

Now CPU type is displayed correctly, but multiplier is still fixed at 6.

Have you any thoughts that i should do next?

Original bios is here:

Bios of the similar asus laptop (F7SE) that supports T8100 is here:
Maybe you can give me links to read or some ideas? I'm ready to find information by myself, just need direction...
are you sure isn't EIST?
Completely sure. Multiplier is fixed at 6 regardless of load, voltage is 1.0v constantly (checked by CPU-Z and Throttle Stop).

Now using Throttle Stop software as workaround - with it multiplier is floating from 6 to 10.5, voltage is 1-1.25 respectively. It's not a good solution as it works only in Windows, have some bugs and not working during system boot.

Have found 3 similar posts here with no solution, so i think it's rather common problem.