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Full Version: Biostar NF4SLI-A9 v27 Asus 2.1 SLIC
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Can you add SLIC 2.1 for Win7?

Manufacturer: Biostar
MotherBoard Model: Biostar NF4sli-a9
Bios Version: 27?
Bios Type: Award

Thanks a million mate.
Here you go , i used Asus 2.1 SLIC + Certificate Included:-

1. Copy and paste ******.XRM-MS certificate file into C-Drive.

2. After pasting this file into C-Drive, go to START - ALL PROGRAMS - ACCESSORIES - COMMAND PROMPT. Right click on Command Prompt and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

3. When Command Prompt opens, type at the prompt: slmgr.vbs -ilc c:\********.xrm-ms and hit the Enter Button. Wait for the Script Host to answer you with a message that the license was installed successfully....this could take a few minutes and so be patient.

4. After receiving the message that the license was installed successfully, type at the command prompt: slmgr.vbs -ipk *****-*****-*****-*****-***** (Replace with any OEM SLP Product Key for your installed version of Windows 7 , they are not hard to find).Be Patient and wait for the message to say that the Product Key was sucessfully installed. After it says successfully installed, reboot the computer.

5. When you are back at your desktop, go to START - COMPUTER - right click on Computer and choose PROPERTIES and see if it is activated with an OEM product ID. LINK UPDATED - Confirmed Working!

Flash at your own risk!

Please Report Back With Whether It Worked Or Not!

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well there goes my afternoon...
thanks ill post back results later.
heres the results of the "pubkey method"
not looking good.... (forgot to screenshot the "basic" tab, it was the same as the others though "slic table not found.")
heres the results of the 0+2 method.
not good....
OEM7 method worked!!!!!
thanks a million ive atached screenshots but the things all messed up as im like quadruple posting... (i think it might be pictures attached 8-11?)

thanks for all your help!!!
and well done i guess...
I'm not in the right post here, however i just added SLIC 2.1 to my old Biostar NF4U AM2g - NF4UAM2G - NF4U-AM2G motherboard and decided to share it with others. Bios is tested and activated Win 7 Ultimate Dell right away. Just download my mod and flashing utility from manufacturers web site and you're good to go.

Manufacturer: Biostar
Model: NF4U AM2G
Bios Type: Phoenix Award
SLP: Dell
Link (Original BIOS):
Modder: Samplermatch
Tester: Samplermatch
Method: ISA

BIOS SILC 2.1 mod: