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Full Version: GA-880GM-D2H(Rev.1.x) Support/Request
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Hello everyone, thanks for having me Smile Names Brent.

Rant First.
A couple years go I needed to put together a new pc so I decided at the time to get a board that I understood would support the new FX series chips being released. I believe I paid around $100 for the board then. Not 6months later the first FX chips were starting to ship. Not to worry, I didn't need one at the time because my system was still very new to me.
It has now been 2 1/2yrs and there is still no support for the FX series cpus for this board WITH ONE EXCEPTION, the FX-4130.

So I did some investigating and found (I could be wrong anywhere here. Feel free to correct me) that the 4100 was the first for the FX's to be release followed by some of the other 6xxx's and 8xxx's. Shortly after the release of the 4100 it was replaced by the 4130.

The 4130 uses 125watts, clocks higher and has only a 4mb L3
The 4100 uses 95watts, clocks slightly lower and has an 8mb L3

Aside from those differences they are by all terms identical. So what really gets me is that the GA-880GM-D2H has support for not the first but second 4xxx FX series cpu which has a higher TDP and then none there after. Rev4.x Boards have support for the FX cpus, oh, but not the 4130.

So here I am, reading on the website that they support FX processors, and don't realize I'm on Rev4.x page and don't I go buy a 4100 to get home and wonder why the darn thing wont post.

My mistake, I know. Pay attention to details. Same thing I tell my son. So that's what brings me here. Well, not exactly. I was trying to add support myself and found some nice how too's but nothing would work for me. Then I found CBROM and also found that it wouldn't work with my 64bit Win 7. A couple hours went by and here I am. So to get to it. I've been beat and I'm asking for help.

This is the board:

This is Rev1.x BIOS: (This is mine)

This is Rev4.x BIOS: (Version F4 because F5a is beta)

All I wanted to do was take the information needed from Rev4.0 and add it to Rev1.x and see if it would work, but I cant.
Which version of CBROM are you attempting to use? I've got v1.98...runs fine on my x64 Win7. Be careful of version numbers. Most (if not all) of the 2.x versions are older than v1.98.