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Full Version: ZOTAC 880G-ITX AMD 880G FX 125W Upgrade Request
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CPU Support Upgrade Request
BIOS: MB Support Page
File Name:A0413WZT.ROM

Donor BIOS
MB: BIOSTAR A880GZ Ver. 6.x
BIOS: MB Support Page
File Name:88PMP824.BSS

Goal: Hoping to get all FX CPU support and to boot 125W CPU.
I just need to boot into the BIOS then i will underclock down to 95 watts since I cannot find a 8100 OEM.
The chip-set and SB are the same any help is appreciated and I am willing to take any risk as we all are.

Thanks to anyone in advanced!
Hello, I have a Zotac 880G-ITX and am running an AMD Phenom II x6 1045. Passmark score on my CPU is 68XX by using a 13.5 X 265 = almost 3.6 Ghz. (Stock 2.7 GHZ).

If you ever do find a true unlocked bios for OC'ing I'd love to check it out and share the risk with ya Smile !

I've looked at the Biostar 880 and a bunch of others Asus, Foxconn, MSI, most of the usual suspects, but haven't found a fit yet. Of course I'm a rookie so probably don't know what I'm looking at anyway Wink