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Full Version: Epox mf570sli AM3 support request
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I'm a noob when it comes to BIOS mods and stuff. Is it at all possible that things like different cpu revisions or steppings can generate these types of bugs (or maybe mobo revisions)?

At any rate, I thank you for your effort- all you who helped. Though I hope that you can find a way to fix it.
Again, thanks! Big Grin
Quote:or maybe mobo revisions
the guy who has the same problem with 945 as you have with 965, reported 965 working fine, so mobo revision theory is not confirmed
OK, can you guys possibly send me the original BIOS, so I can do some more disecting. Also, if anyone knows how to hotswap form a bad flash, we can look in forcing PSTATES to run at the correct Phenom power states.

"how to hotswap form a bad flash" sorry, i don't get you
Taken from a quick Google search (yes, I'm too lazy to explain it with my own words):

Quote:Hot swapping is a means of recovering your bios in the event of a power failure or a corrupt flash file. The Hot Swapping process involves finding or gaining access to a computer that has the same type of BIOS ROM chip you have now. Not necessarily the same manufacturer but the same page bytes as well as programming voltages and pin out's.

The process would involve booting the computer that you are going to use to recover your bad bios and after the boot is complete swap bios chips while the power is still applied and then flash the bios with the flash file that is for your broken computer.
Migo, your are the one who made this bios correct? First off, I must tell you how impressed I am. After looking at your BIOS, I see u either used a hex editor or the CBROM trick. In any event, two questions. When updating motherboards that used compressed code, is it possible to switch them over to non-compress. Also, do you think that the ACPITBL.BIN may be in play for setting the Phenom 865 at the right speed. I have only been able to get a limited model motherboards upgraded, and I'd appreciate your feedback as NCPUCODE is something I would like to incorporate in the compressed coded versions.

Also, I believe that there may have been a G2 and G3 revision of the 965? Not sure, but that may be a part of it. What AGESA ROM did you insert.

Thanks Michael,

Well, I used both hex and cbrom =)
Concerning converting compressed to uncompressed code you’d better ask my colleague xguyver (I’ll send you his icq uin by pm)
I don’t think acpi table is in play for setting proper speeds and multipliers for phenoms.
Well, as far as I got to know about award bioses, proper phenom functioning is based on: main module (cpu multipliers, fsb speed), meminit.bin (critical component for phenoms only, some kind of a bus connecting memory and memory controller incorporated in a cpu), agesa and ncpucode (recognizing cpus). Now I can say, that enabling multipliers and fsb speed changing for unsupported previously cpus is hidden in the main module, because I’ve changed all other modules already.
Agesa code is universal for all amd-based motherboards. It depends only on the memory type used in the system. I used agesa from some am2+ jetway mobo.
Btw, I find it impossible to add phenom support for motherboards which were not supposed to do it at all by the manufacturers. So if you don’t have meminit.bin (and corresponding changes in the system module and agesa), you won’t be able to run a phenom cpu on that mobo by just adding new agesa and updating ncpucode.
Speaking about hotswap: if the boot record is spoiled, just remove flash chip from the bed, turn on the mobo, wait for ghost bios screen, manage to insert the chip before the recovery process begins. You should have a cd with awdflash and a working bios image inserted in the dvd drive.
Ps. Pls help me with this, if you can:

"Now I can say, that enabling multipliers and fsb speed changing for unsupported previously cpus is hidden in the main module, because I’ve changed all other modules already."

Does that mean you know how to update it?

I also noticed that in your mod, the microcoe output in CBROM has the string of zeros. Ive seen this in some bioses, not in others, and some bioses with both NCPUCODE.BIN and CPUCODE.BIN. But lets say we have this board:

It originally supports phenom 1, and has the meminit module etc. I then put it to the latest agesa 3.5.1; and MINIT, and I used the ncpucode from yours as this board also uses th strings of zeros. Do you think the mod will support phenom IIs?

Tthe link for it is in the thread.

Also, I sent you my ICQ.

"Does that mean you know how to update it?" i've tried modbin of the latest versions but unsuccessfully.

as i've learned from asus mobos, if the mobo supports phenoms, it will run phenom ii, but with hidden multipliers and "unknown cpu" signature.

i've added you in icq.
Just sent u a IM, waiting for reply. As for the asus boards, will it run phenom iis with or without the routine modifications.

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