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Full Version: Looking for correct bios for Alienware Area 51 m15x
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I have an Alienware Area 51 m15x with Vista 32bit, I upgraded the the processor from a Intel Core 2 T8100 to a Core 2 Extreme X9000, Windows device mang. still sees it as T8100, Sys info says X9000 ???? isn't this conflicting data between the 2 windows programs? The bios says it is :
BIOS Type: Phoenix
BIOS Date: August 29th, 2008
BIOS ID: vX36 P3
Chipset: Intel 2A00 rev 3
SuperIO: Unknown
Manufacturer: Alienware
Motherboard: m15x

What is the correct bios for this system? do i need an upgrade, where can I get he correct update image to follow the tutorial on this site?

Will the update fix t he Device mang? if not what will?
I have attached a report from the Intel Processor Diagnostics I ran
Thank you for your help!!