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Full Version: Dell XPS 400 Cpu Support Help
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I have an older Dell XPS 400 with the A07 BIOS and the Intel 945 chipset. According to the intel tech docs, this chipset can support the Core 2 Extreme x6800.

When I install this CPU, I fail to POST. Can the A07 BIOS be updated to support this CPU?

I would to like add Cpu support to my Dell XPS 400. The intel d945gccrg1 is a motherboard that list support for E2xxx and E4xxx 65nm 800mhz Core 2 Duo processors and has the same chipset I believe. The link for the D945GCCRG1 bios is
The link for the XPS 400 bios is The cpuid for the E4600 is 06FDh The cpuid for the E2160 is 06FDh. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as it's well beyond my skillset. Thanks in advance.

I read somewhere the d945gccrg1 board would support 65nm 1066 MHz processors as well but have found any documentation yet. The cpuid of an E6750 is 06FBh. Might be worth a shot.