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Full Version: ACER aspire 5534
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hey im just wondering if there is a way to modify the compatibility table of this acer aspire Motherboard to allow a AMD turion x64 and a Memorex (MT16HTF25664HY-800E1) ram ddr2 2gb 800mhz stick.

thankx in advance Smile

the original CPU is a AMD athlon x64 and a the original ram is a Nannya ddr2 666mhz. i was just wondering if it was posible because i have a turion x64 laying around and since they are the same generation it could work. i tried it but the computer didnt work. so i thought it was something to do with the compatibility table since the CPU and ram work perfectly.
im guessing i wont be getting any help again -_- same thing happen last time. anyway i manage to make the ram work. i just need help with the CPU.

what about an Athlon II? would it be possible?
here is the BIOS for the aspire 5534 in case you then it
i give up on this site.