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Full Version: Lenovo Yoga 13 Microcode Support (QC)
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I have been looking into replacing the cpu in my Lenovo Yoga 13 (currently i3-3317U, 2c) cpu with the i7-3612QE (4c). Everything looks like it should work. My only concern is the microcode support and / or whitelisting if applicable. I have never touched a BIOS before, but I went ahead and followed some guides, extracted everything out, and cannot for the life of me find where the microcodes are located. I've extracted down to a .data file using 7-zip, also used Phoenix Tools, and tried easyH2O (didn't work at all) to no success.

I wanted to see if someone could give me some guidance on locating the microcode and whitelist (if applicable). I want to be sure I will be able to get BIOS support before investing in the chip. Below is a link to the official BIOS.

Lenovo Yoga BIOS