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Full Version: BIOS Logo Acer Aspire 5750G
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Hallo guys! Please, need your help. I want to change my BIOS logo for Acer aspire 5750G. Couldn’t find any manuals or FAQ’s. Huh Maybe any programs for Inside EFI BIOS…
1. extract the file P5WE0x64.fd with PhoenixTool 2.14
2. rename 37946B52-EC4B-46AF-AB83-76DBBE1E13C1_1_???.ROM to *.pcx
3. edit (with gimp)
4 repack
Thanks a lot! Sorry, one question: could I use Phoenix Bios Editor v2.2.13 instead of PhoenixTool 2.14? Unable to find Phoenix Tool Smile

I have found PhoenixTool 2.14 here
I’m facing some problems… Need: SLIC File; SLP File; RW File; Certificate(if rely need Confused) for ACER (ACRSYSACRPRDCT). Are there any ideas? Huh
Thank you, but I will try to put in SLIC information. Founded here I hope it will help me and someone else) If everything would be all right, I will reply. Wish me good luck Big Grin
What a pity! Nothing good happened. I lost my Wi-Fi only. I had to reflash BIOS to previous, also couldn’t find a mistake and have another question: should the ending file with the splash be with the same amount of kbs as original. I mean md5 or something like that? Or maybe there are some strict terms for image? And how default image could be presented in rom if I replaced it with other?
the image must be same format: pcx, same resolution 1024x768, and same number of colors: 8BPP
OK!I'll do my best ) Thanks for all, I will reply.
It seems I have found my problem. How to replace file in dump folder? Just replacing of file wouldn’t help me. Or maybe I am doing a mistake while repacking it? If I am right just pressing “Go” button in PhoenixTool must create repacked new file from files in DUMP folder, or not? Please show me my mistake Rolleyes
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