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Full Version: Toshiba A60-302 PSA60E mobile processors
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Hi. I have Toshiba A60-302 PSA60E.

The current processor is desktop Celeron 2,8 Northwood 478. I would like to replace it with Celeron Mobile 2,4 Northwood 478 that I have.

Unfortunately my Celeron Mobile 2,4 Northwood 478 doesn't work in spite of that the chipset should recognize that CPU (ATI Mobility Radeon 7000 IGP):

Is it possible to change the BIOS and make the motherboard compliant with Pentium 4-M and Celeron Mobile processors?

I never changed anything in BIOS, just updated to the latest one.
I know it's an old laptop but I really like it. I hate widescreen onesSmile

The link to my current BIOS:

The link to the user's manual of my Toshiba:

Thank you in advance,