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Full Version: Notebook ASUS K70ID. Support for Intel Core 2 Extreme Mobile Processor X9100
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There's ASUS K70ID with Intel T6600 (socket PGA478), chipset NVIDIA MCP79D (some specs). Need BIOS support for X9100.
Current AMI BIOS v. 205.

Here's some other BIOSes for different laptops that have X9100:
- Cleo M980NU on NVIDIA MCP79 chipset (couldn't find official site download) ;
- Toshiba Qosmio X300 (PQX31E) on Intel PM45 Express chipset;
- Dell Precision M4400 (2 versions of BIOS) on Intel PM45 Express chipset:
- A27
- A26

Thanks in advance. Rolleyes
hello for you to update the BIOS?
All of the bioses you have posted links to contain the 10676 microcode revision 60C dated 2008/04/09 which is the required microcode for the X9100 CPU , so it might be that in this case your motherboard doesn't support the processor. Sorry!