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Full Version: Xeon Gallatin MP (SL79Z, SL79V) in Dell Poweredge 1600SC
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Hi everyone,
great forum here, just registered a few minutes ago.

I have a Dell Poweredge 1600SC, and would like to use it with Xeon Gallatin MP's, SL79Z, Stepping C0.
This works without problems, except one issue:

The BIOS displays "Warning! No microcode loaded for CPU", and expects the user to press F1 to proceed to boot.
It seems not possible to deactivate the F1 message like in other mainboards, so a start without a keyboard attached is not possible.

Is it possible to modify a BIOS with the appropriate microcode?
(else, automatically skipping/suppressing the F1 message would also be sufficient!)

If it is possible to include a second microcode, the SL79V would be perfect - but is not as important now.

The original Bios can be downloaded here:

For a possible donor Bios:
The board has the ServerWorks Grand Champion SL chipset.
I did not find a bios with this chipset featuring the SL79Z, but one with the Grand Champion HE - maybe this is simlar enough to help.
It is the PowerEdge 6650, the Bios is here:

Thanks a lot for your help!
Dell uses a proprietary BIOS format, which isn't moddable because there are no tools available to the public for doing it.

I'm afraid you're probably going to have to live with the inconvenience of the F1 prompt.