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Full Version: Positivo S5055 (Brazil) BIOS Mod Request
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Hello, I'm new here and wanted to ask for a modification and if possible BIOS update for a notebook Brazil.
I got the file through Aptios Utility since the manufacturer (largest in the country) does not release, besides no information so I can get the BIOS manufacturer's original motherboard.

What I want to do is enable virtualization (there is no option in the BIOS) and can enable more advanced stuff and update it.

- Positivo Premium S5055
- Motherboard: Positivo C14CR01
- Bios version: 1.00.8
- Processor Intel Core i3 2328M
- Chipset: Intel hm75


Here are my questions :
- Could I enable VTx?
- Could I update my bios?
- How can I know for sure the brand of my bios and motherboard?