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Full Version: Tyan Tempest I5000VF Harpertown support (Power Management)
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i dont know if i am in the right section, if not; please move.

it is possible to add Power Management Support to a Phoenix Bios, which recognizes the cpu but does not officially support it?

i am running the Tyan Tempest I5000VF Board with a Harpertown Intel Xeon L5420.
The Board-chipset is a Intel I5000V.
The Board recognizes the CPU String, but runs without Power-Management, which worked flawless with the older (supported) CPUs.

Tyan does not offer a new Bios with full support, but a similar board from Supermicro(X7DVA-E) supports the Harpertown CPUs.

So, could it work by copying the microcode and Power-Managment Sections from the supermicro Board?
Sadly, Tyan only supports Harpertown CPUs with another Chipset and AMI Bios.

latest Tyan Tempest I5000VF(S5370) Phoenix Bios:

latest Supermicro Phoenix Bios Supermicro(X7DVA-E):

BIOS File Name: