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Full Version: Dell Inspiron 530s - Pentium d 920 compatibility
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hi guys. i have a dell inspiron 530s with a g33m02 motherboard, and the original cpu, a pentium dual e2180 has since been used elsewhere.

i have an old pentium d 920 that i would like to use in the dell, which should work (has the same socket, along with chipset requirements), but dell has blocked it, and it refuses to boot.

i was wondering if anybody could add this cpu to the bios for this system to save me the time/effort/money of finding another replacement cpu?

the only bios i can find is an exe file from the dell website, which i have downloaded:

i can re-acquire the pentium dual core e2180 temporarily for a bios update but would need to return it soon after.

this is the cpu i would like to use:
Does nobody know how to do this?
really? this long and nobody can help?

if ive put this in the wrong forum please say so.

if it cant be done then also, feel free to tell me so.