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Full Version: HP Compaq 6735s CPU Upgrade
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HI Everyone.

I have an HP Compaq 6735s with AMD Sempron SI-42. I'm not very pleased about this cpu and I want to upgrade to a dual-core cpu (I know the more powerful cpus can melt my laptop, but hey, other people did it and are just fine Big Grin ).
I already tried to change it with AMD Turion 64 x2 Ultra ZM-85, Turion RM-75 and Turion TL-56 (this one should have worked for sure, since it's socket is S1G1, and MB's socket is S1G2, backward compatible). None of them worked. I have flashed my BIOS from version F.0E 09/14/2009 to F.21 07/30/2012. The new BIOS is good but didn't worked too. After cpu replacement laptop wont boot. Caps lock led blink five times and stop with no display on the screen (General system board failure). When I place back my Sempron, the laptop comes back to life.

I think my BIOS reject other CPUs. What can I do now?
I attached a photo of my laptop specs.
Ohhhh, btw, can you tell me what type is my bios? (I hate it Angry)

Sorry for my bad english, I'm Romanian...
I changed the CPU again. This time with AMD Turion RM-72. Its working! It was probably a problem whit the FSB ... the Motherboard is working only with an 1800 FSB CPU.