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Full Version: Asus P7P55D Microcode Update 106e5 v6
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Hello everybody!

I own an Asus P7P55D motherboard with a first generation Core i5 760 with CPUID 106e5.
I'm trying to update my motherboard to the latest microcode update Intel released somedays ago.

I already managed to update to version 5, but this is not an upgrade as Windows already contains this update.
[Image: 14dk7wz.jpg]

But version 6 contained inside the latest release, and it's not available yet in Windows, is larger in size!!
So MMtool refuses to insert it.
I managed to load it through Intel tools and I must say that I noticed a performance difference (maybe it's placebo...)
[Image: mn5hc.jpg]

So, does anyone knows how to update the bios with a larger file?

Thank you!
For future reference, if anyone cares, I managed to do it.

This is my "modded" BIOS for P7P55D motherboard (NOT for Deluxe, EVO, LE, PRO).

The change log is:
-- updated microcode with Intel Microcode Update 20130808
-- updated Intel RST(e) RAID ROM v12.7.0.1936 with TRIM in RAID0 (
-- updated Realtek LAN ROM v2.56
-- updated JMicron ROM to 1.07.24
-- added SLI string (but it does not seem to work) and fixed some ACPI errors

Use it at your OWN risk!
Hey. Stunds Nice which acpi errors are you refering too? I want to try on my own rig ( p7p55d, i5 750)
It seems that manufacturers are implementing ACPI very poorly.

If you extract the aml from BIOS and disassamble with intel AML Decompiler, and try to recompile it back, the compiler finds many errors and warnings. I've fixed them all.

BUT have in mind that Windows basically ignores or overrides BIOS ACPI errors, so you're not going to notice the difference if you're using Windows.
Linux is more sensitive to ACPI errors.