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Full Version: Need help adding A8 support with a Toshiba L775D
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I have purchased the APU, and spent the last month trying to get the .ROM files to upgrade the APU support strings.

Unfortunately, they ONLY come in a self installer package that runs in Windows or writes a CD/DVD. I don't have any blank discs, so I don't know if that would give me the .ROM files I need.

So, here's the breakdown.

I am wanting to use an A8-3510MX on a Toshiba Satellite L775D-S7220 (US model laptop).

If I can get help with getting the ROM files and then repackaging them into the installer, that would be awesome.

Or if someone is able to do it, that would be better. I've never done this yea.

Here is the most recent BIOS for my laptop:

Here is a BIOS from a VERY closely related model that supports the A8 chips:
Anyone at all able to help or give me some advice on what to do?
Nevermind. I'm just going to sell the 3510MX and wait until I can afford a new laptop. Makes no sense to have the new chip if I can't do anything with it.