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Full Version: Acer Travelmate 5730G with P9700
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Hey there,

I upgraded my Acer Travelmate 5730G today from P8400 to an P9700.

There are no Thermal issues (cause laptop was available wit T9600).
And it looks like the bios detected the right way.

BUT regarding to Core-Temp and CPU-Z the VID-range is not right. It overvolted the Cpu to 1,213 Volts, but only when it's on idle.
Under full load its okay.

Is there a chance to mod the Bios tho the VID-range supports this cpu?
If yes how? (sorry i am totally new to bios mods)

Laptop Config:
Windows 7 x64
Mainboard Acer Homa
Chipset PM45 Rev 7
Graficcard: mobility Radeon HD 3470

Downloadlink for the Bios:

Kind regards