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Full Version: Compaq CQ60-214EM T7200 Upgrade failure
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[b]Hi Guys!

I would like to get some help regarding my recent CPU upgrade (failure Sad).
I have a Compaq Presario CQ6-214EM laptop, which has originally an Intel Celeron T1600 (1666Mhz, 1Mb L2, 667FSB) installed.

I decided to boost up the performance a little bit w a Core 2 Duo T7200(2.0Ghz, 4Mb L2, 667FSB). After the procedure, the system doesn`t want to start just blank screen and the ventillator turns off after 4-5sec. I researched, and the reason for this is the wrong CPU microcode.
I`m very disappointed because the reason of my purchase was the 667FSB factor as the AIDA sais this GM40 chipset only supports the 667FSB, and therefore this CPU seemed the most suitable (although there is T7600 for £70).

Can you please help me with a modded BIOS, which supports this CPU in order to not throw it away as a wasted money.
BIOS ver.: Insyde F.65