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Full Version: Request for support on Asrock x79 Extreme6
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I currently have an Asrock x79 Extreme6 an an Intel Q19D processor.
The most recent stable bios is version 2.20 which is here:

As seen here:
The CPU is supported on x79 but I cannot get Asrock to send me a beta BIOS because i'm assuming Intel has pushed manufacturers to not support this CPU. It used to work fine, now with all the press it will no longer function on many boards.

I'm guessing the code could be pulled from the MSI board and added to the Asrock. (I hope)

However, as seen in the screenshot the model of the MSI board is E7760IMS with a BIOS version of 1.4. I believe this is the board that the code can be pulled from:

I think anything from v1.4 to v1.8 would work as per his quote:
Quote:I used my MSI X79A-GD65 (8D) with newest BIOS (v4.1) to test it. It won’t boot, so I downgrade the BIOS to v1.8 and it booted.