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Full Version: Pheonix Dell dimension e310 or optiplex gx 280
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I need either overclockinf/ voltage tuning or some way to extract the rom file into a readable format so i can mod it myself. And obe other thing would be to add the microcodes for core 2 duo support and/or anything else that fits an lga 775 socket. This would be much appreciated! I have only attached the hdr, exe and rom file for the dvo51 board that has the a04 bios(which is the dimension e310) i can add the optiplex's hdr and rom and exe for its a08 bios revision if anyone is interested.
Right now both machines have a pentium 4 650 ht. The optiplex is a 2005 machine and the dimension e310 is a 2006 machine.

Even a core 2 duo would breath new life into these machines! Smile
Thanx again!