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Full Version: MSI 6340 CPU support
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MSI 6340 is a small, mini ATX mainboard:

[Image: MSI_6340_complete_small.jpg]

...witch I recently recapped:

The issue is CPU support. Latest bios v4.7 claim support of up to Athlon 1.2GHz CPU, but I'm not very sure about it, since even flashing the v4.7 bios does not help much and it did not seems to want post with the CPU. Also I would like to use the AXP CPU's (Barton core, Mobiles...) in the MSI 6340 - even with the limited FSB.

-Manufacturer: MSI
-Motherboard Model: MS-6340 PCB v1.0 (VIA KT133 chipset)
-Bios revision: 4.7
-Bios Type: 2Mb Award normal bios (ModBin 2.01.02 can open it easily)
-Bios Download Link:

(backups: - )

Also there was a thread about some old bios 1.34 unlock for MSI 6340 mobo: are there still hidden options in the v4.7? I looked in ModBin and did not finy anything that is just plainly hidden, but anything more is more that welcome, of course Smile

Could someone made the mobo support more modern Athlon and Athlon XP CPU's, please? Wink
Bump for better overclocing! Smile This board really deserve to work Wink
And it looks like that is possible to get the board to work with overclocking: 118MHz FSB!

So, there is a way to modify the bios to make it work... Smile Or it is possible to O/C the KT133 from Windows?
Mine did not detect AXP (Barton core) CPU at all:
[Image: Maxx_Mem_16_4_1100_MHz_AXP.jpg]

And "overclock" this way:
[Image: CPUFSB_overclock_fail.jpg]

...but 102MHz is possible Smile 104MHz FSB and up end up at around 30MHz... Smile
W/O the CPU support the AXP run - slower that basic Athlon!

wPrime 1024M

Athlon 900MHz: 5867.795 sec
Athlon XP 1100MHz: 7321.237 sec

...ugh! Confused Pls help me with the bios Blush
Because I would like to have a enabled SSE, lol. W/o it, the speed up is next to none... sometimes even slow-donw happen... Sad
Bump for AXP support! Smile
BUMP for AXP cpu support injection code for more speeeeeed! Smile
I replaced the remaining 4 SMD 10uF caps with a 22uF SMD ceramics and the two 47uF 16V SMD caps with 47uF 16V SMD polymers...

...and added the missing JP9 jumper! Soldered it right it... Big Grin So bump for bios that like AXP CPU there Wink
And also bump for bios, that can accept a L1 unlocked CPU's. The existing one cannot. When inserted a Duron 750 with connected L1 bridged, the mobo fail to post... Sad So, please, any way to inject more recent AMD CPU microcode?
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