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Full Version: mmtool?
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i been playing around with mmtool v322 and im trying to extract microcode from one bios and add it to another but i keep getting an error message: "cpu microcode patch does not exist in ROM image" what im trying to do is add am3+ support to my motherboard M4A88T-V EVO/USB3 which supports up to a 6core am3 cpu at the moment but wanted to add support for 8core cpu's and such so i am wondering if anyone knows of a AMD 880G motherboard that has support for am3+ that has the required microcode patch or can tell me what im doing wrong
i think maybe the tool im using isn't compatible with the bios i was trying to extract the microcode from because im able to extract the microcode from my motherboards bios just not from the donor bios so im kinda confused on where to go from here