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Full Version: MSI cx620 ms-1688
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Greetings, this is my first post so i hope i dont get shot down. My questions regard the MSI cx620 laptop with mainboard ms-1688. This is also available as a whitebook/barebones laptop as board ms-1688-id1. Like many people with a 15.6 HM55 based laptop im wondering if an uprade in CPU is possible from i5-430m to an i7 quad core, namely the 740m because its cheap to buy. The laptop has an ATi mobility Radeon 5470 GPU and i guess that if a clarksfield I7 were fitted then the intel graphics would no longer be present and switchable graphics defunct.

This is the only evidence ive found of a cx620 running an I7 mobile chip but alas its an arrandale family one, not a clarksfield.

Bios Link

Wondering if anyone can check the cpu microcodes in this bios before i buy a cpu just to find out it wont boot. Regards